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Bird Bath/Moss Cone Stand

   24" tall or 36" tall


This decorative stand holds a 16" diameter pot saucer for watering birds or can hold a 15" New Zeland moss cone in which to plant flowers.


Dimensions:   Height 24" or 36"   Diameter:  16"  Weight 10 pounds for 24" and 14 pounds for 36"


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Bird Bath/Moss Cone Holder Stand 24' Tall BBHS24 Black


Bird Bath/Moss Cone Holder Stand 36' Tall BBHS36 Black


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Telephone  828-733-1077

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P.O. Box 41
Pineola, NC 28662
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Art Nest, add a little color to your neighborhood. Birds will use the yarn for nest building. The Art Nest can also be used to hold suet for feeding the birds.

Material (s): Steel