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In 1848 the Pontalba design received its name after the most famous of New Orleans French Quarter landmarks the "Pontalba Building."   The "Smiths" of Old England originally designed this wrought iron pattern of scrolls and rosettes which lends itself to any type of modern or period architecture.

Decorative and Functional Uses

bulletHolds  4", 7"or 10" potted or artificial plants
bulletCandle holder sconce
bulletVase with fresh cut flowers
bulletFoyer coat or hat holder
bulletHolder for bedroom robe or negligee
bulletBath towel or robe holder
bulletGarden apron and accessory holder
bulletLeash holder


bullet23" H x 10" W in Aluminum,  27" x 9"  in Cast Iron
bulletWeight  4 lb.  Aluminum,  Cast Iron 13 lb

Key Benefits

bulletHolds plants, candles, vases, flowers
bulletLasts a lifetime, cast iron with hand rubbed finish
bulletVersatile, can interchange holders i.e. plant, candles, vases
bulletDurable finish
bulletAluminum rings to prevent rust and scale

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bulletInterchangeable inserts for 4",7" and 10" flower pots, vases, candles holders and coat hooks


Each wall sconce is sold with one accessory of your choice. Additional accessories are available separately.

Description SKU #


Choice of One Accessory

Pontalba P-CG Charleston Green

Ring 4"

Ring 7"

Ring 10"  

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P-B Bronze $39.95
P-V Verde $39.95
P-BL Black $39.95

Additional Accessories

**** PLEASE SPECIFY Cast iron or Aluminum plus 


Interchangeable inserts for 4",7" and 10" flower pots, vases, candles holders and coat hooks

Description SKU Price
   4" Ring 4-R $7.99
   7" Ring 7-R $8.99
  10" Ring 10-R $9.99



Ring measurements are Inside Diameters


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