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BorderFenceFin.gifBorder Fence with Dot finial
Plastic finial topped spikes with comfortable size sections that can go 4" into the ground. Dimensions: Dot Finial style 30" wide x 20.5" tall including 4" ground stakes  Weight 12 lb 4.5" space between pickets Solid Steel 1/2" square
Price $52.92
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borderfen2Border Fence with Pineapple Finial
Cast Iron Pineapple style 30' wide x 18.5" tall including six 4" ground stakes Weight 12 lb 4.5" space between pickets Solid Steel 1/2" square
Price $54.02
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MulchFence.JPGMulch Border Fence

Great for keeping mulch off your sidewalks. 22 3/4" wide,  5" out of the ground, 6" ground spikes which keep it secure in deep mulch.  5.5 pounds each, Because of the weight if ordering over 4 it is best to call 828-733-1077 or e-mail us and we will get a rate quote to find the least expensive way to ship to you.

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SKU MBFPrice $27.51
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doubledoormatDoor Mat Double
Let family and friends clean their feet in beautiful period style with these sturdy, heavy duty cast iron door mats. Their durable powder coated finish makes them easy to maintain. Functional yet beautiful with their large scroll pattern. Cast Iron, powder coated for excellent durability. 50lb ea 56.5" wide x 18"
Price $218.30
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Door Mat Single Steel
28.25" x 17.75" A functional accent to the front stoop, is beautifully crafted cast steel. Greet guests with the finest decor on your threshold.
Price $105.82
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