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Our Mission: To create decorative... yet functional metal products that are timeless, enduring and in limited edition. We are the only producer of lightweight Aluminum Trellis' and Window Boxes that are impossible to rust, (no matter how close you live to the Ocean.) Our Driveway Markers are a statement and our Fireplace screens exceptional. If you would like a custom design just give us a call at 800-296-0418.

We produce unique Window Boxes, Driveway Reflectors,

Trellises, Hose Helpers and decor'  for your Home, Garden

or Business

First to manufacture large, custom size, lightweight Aluminum  Trellises and Window Boxes that are  absolutely impossible to rust, no matter how close you live to the Ocean. Your source for Driveway  Markers/Reflectors, Trellises, Fireplace Screens, Window Planters and other specialty metal designs for Commercial Buildings, Architects, Decorators, Garden Centers and Home Gardeners.  
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