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Hi I purchase these trellis from you several months ago in the spring.  They were installed on my NC house today!  They look great and go with the contemporary design of the house.  Rgds Debbie Herdere 4' x 8' Grid trellis with 4" brackets powder coated Slightly textured rust.
Dear Bruce, It arrived Monday and was installed yesterday. Looks fantastic! Heartfelt thanks, Wendy
hey Bruce, sorry it's taken some time to get these pics over to you guys. the trellis' are perfect. exactly what was needed - great product and great price too. thanks so much, again! have a great weekend, tom
Hi Bruce, Just had the handyman put them up  this afternoon.  They look great.  Couldn't be happier. Best, Stephen
Hi Bruce!!  I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get images to you of our beautiful planters and trellises!!  Everyone loves them, and the plants are happy too. Here are a bunch of shots.  Sorry there are so many sun angles in them.  Let me know if you'd like me to take some more at different times of the day. (I'll have to send more than one email.) Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience.  Please feel free to use any of these images for your sales purposes.  I hope all is going well for you and yours. Take care. Pati Gallagher
Hi Bruce,   I wanted to share with you pictures of the trellis’ after they  were installed.  They are a great addition and we are very pleased!    Thank you, Karen P. Holt
Hi, Bruce: Sorry for the delay in sending you the photo of my twins  next to the very unique and beautiful leaf driveway reflector you fabricated for our home. When it comes to home decor, I'm very picky about every little detail, so an ordinary reflector just wouldn't do! The quality of this item is much nicer than anticipated, and your service is A+! Thanks so much, Karen Palmer Concord, MA
Leaf style driveway reflector
4x8 Trellis
Your beautiful work. I will send more pics. Best, Tricia
Just wanted to send u these pics now that the vines are starting to grow . Everything looks beautiful thank you so much for the beautiful work u have done on our trellises . Karen & Gabe Corchiani
Custom trellises with hole for water to shoot through in New Orleans
Here are some more  pics after the sun is off of it.  I don't know which will work best for you.  Good luck with the future.KAW
57.5" Wide x 68.5" High Aluminum Flat Slat grid trellis with 2" frame, powder coated Slightly Textured Rust. 4" standard brackets.  4" spacing with 1.5 slats.
Dear Bruce  I have finished installing the trellis and am very happy  with the results take a look at the PHOTOS.  I would expect you will get more orders from this area due to this installation, in fact, I am considering ordering a larger rectangular one maybe 4 feet by 4 feet for the back and if some of my other friends who see this and like it want to order together maybe we can save money on the shipping cost thanks a lot and let me know if you need anything else from me. Regards, Ken Brooks
2 x 8 grid trellis powder coated slightly textured black
Laurie Preffer from Ramsey NY 65" Slightly textured rust window boxes with antique bronze liners. Received them today and they are already up.
Dear Bruce:        Attached are pictures of the lovely installed window boxes  you made.  You patiently went back and forth with me, but we got it right!! I love them so much that I would like to order another for an identical window in the front.  It would be exactly as the ones received:  60 inch quatrefoil design in shiny black with the extra mounting bar (your great idea!). Thank you very much!       Sincerely,               Dianne Cox
 60" Cathedral trellis in Black
Hi Bruce, Here's a picture of our trellis with a purple clematis waiting to grow.  I really like the design of the trellis and the workmanship was great.  I was at first going to leave it free standing but then I decided to secure it at the top so it wouldn't rock back and forth. If I could make two constructive comments, I would have preferred if the brackets were also aluminum instead of steel and enclosing two stainless steel screws to attach the bracket to the house would have been nice. One other thing I wanted to add:  the packaging was substantial, the trellis arrived with absolutely no damage. Thanks again, Neil
3 X 6 Grid Trellis in Textured Black with 20” legs
Hey Bruce, The trellises look great!!  Sorry for the sad picture we had to transplant a vine to the trellis and still in a bit of shock!  I'll get better ones once we are finished planting out. Thanks again for expediting our order. We and the client are very pleased with your work. Look forward to working with you on future projects. Will send better pics next week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. All the best, Amanda
3 X 8 Grid Trellis Powder Coated Statuary Bronze
Hi Bruce, the fire screen looks great. I did find some cedar at new river.  Enjoy your weekend. Thanks
Hi, Bruce! I hope you're doing well.  We just finished our landscaping project using the 7 trellises you built for us, so I'm sending a few pictures that I thought you might be able to use on your website.  We are so pleased with how everything turned out in our yard, and we absolutely LOVE the trellises (quality, color, ease of installation, ordering & shipping experience, etc.).  We've gotten tons of complements on them as well - people just love how they look in our landscape, and have never seen anything like them in a residential environment.  We'd be more than happy to share a testimonial for your website, if this would be useful to you - so please let me know if there's a way for me to do this, and I will! Thanks again so much for your great work and enjoy the rest of the week. Take care, Liz Strand Cimini
Great product Bruce!  Below are some  pics. Thank you sir chris.sides
They look great. I was wondering if we placed  an order for some white powder coated ones say 6 of them by this weekend. What would the lead-time be. The client is having a party on the 18th of nov and wanted to have their garden all set up. Thanks, Amanda
3 x8 trellises in Statuary Bronze.
Thank you, I had good help. Thanks for making  such a quality product. Bruce Bryan, Facilities Department - WinShape Retreat
Winshape conference center outside Atlanta GA purchased 45 of our 10 ft adjustable shepherd hooks to line the road with LED lights.
12' high x 5' wide grid trellis powder coated Anodized Silver  shipped to Naznin in Ann Arbor Mi 48105. Mission accomplished and it looks great! Thanks Again! Naznin
Hi Bruce, The trellises arrived today and look great.  See attached. Thank you! Rick
Laguna Beach CA 14" wide x 10' High Statuary Bronze Grid Trellis.
Bruce, I don't know that I shared the pictures from my daughter's backyard birthday celebration.  I can't thank you enough for speeding up the process and for personal delivery of my dynamite trellises.  I owe you a template for the section by the fireplace.  And I fully intend to take you up on your offer to teach me to weld...! My grandson Baby John arrived on Sept 10th, and life has revolved around the expected adjustments.  All in all, we're a REALLY blessed family, and grateful for every single blessing.  I hope all is also well with you family as well. Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in the new year. Best, Marilyn
Hi Bruce. We finally completed our trellis project. It should  have gone up higher but the concrete had set!  We are very happy with the architectural interest the trellis adds. Nancy
Photo of a 5 x 12' aluminum grid trellis with 3" square posts powder coated Slightly Textured Rust.
Good Morning Bruce,   My yard reflectors arrived yesterday and I am very happy with them.  They look even better than I thought they would.  Thank you again for you service!  Hope you are not getting too much snow.   Julie Rogers
Bruce – Those look awesome!  AWESOME!  The thing is that I only wanted one. (I realize now that the picture I sent you had two in it and you took that to mean I wanted two obelisks.)  I worry about affording two, but tell me the price and I’ll see what I can do.  You do amazing work.  Best, Jen   
Figured the price at 175.00 each, you can decide of you want both when you see them. I can always use it as a Christmas present for someone. Best Bruce
Good price – I may take both if we can fit them in our car.  How about we plan on being at the shop/store around 3 pm tomorrow? 
Hi Jen: It was a pleasure meeting you both, looks like the journey ended well. You should have received your spikes to hold the Obelisks in place any day. Best Regards and enjoy! Bruce
Hi Bruce, Thanks again.  Installed the new trellis today.  Pic attached Rick Laguna Beach, CA
5' wide x 7' high Aluminum grid trellis powder coated statuary bronze
Bruce, Attached are a few pics after installation.  Installation was quick and easy. Good design. We could not be more happy with them. Great products. Thank you, James Dallas, TX 4 x 4 grid trellis pictures and 53 tall x 48 wide modern cubism trellis
Bruce  I received your planter liners and everything was perfect!  Thank you!  Michelle Andrews MD
Hi Bruce,   Just wanted to thank you so much for the Trellises! They look awesome! I have attached a couple pictures even though the area isn’t fully finished! Love it!   Wanted to make you aware, if you aren’t already, we had a small issue with the trucking company. They trellises were supposed to be delivered on Thursday, but the company said that, “Someone messed up and forgot to put them on the truck.” So I called on Friday morning, and it happened again and all the trucks were already out for delivery. They would have to be delivered on Monday.   I told them they had to figure out a way to get them to us by the end of the day Friday b/c I had an installer coming on Saturday morning & we wanted them up for the weekend. Long story short & a few phone calls, they were able to deliver them around 5:30 on Friday night. All worked out, but just wanted you to be aware.    Anyway. Thank you so much! You do great work and we greatly appreciate you!   Most sincerely,   Sonja Kiley
Was driving by today and realized I never sent you a picture of  this. Chimney shaped 10'6" tall 4'6" wide Powder coated slightly textured black  1.5" framing with 1" diamonds approximately 18" on center. Powder coated bronze with 4" industrial style brackets.
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Hi Bruce, The trellises look great!  Thank you for fabricating  and getting out to Palm Springs, Ca in a timely manner.  Please see photos below.  I will be contacting you about coordinating for upcoming future jobs.  Thanks also for sending the refund check. We received it.
5' high x 4' wide aluminum grid trellises for Palm Springs CA. Dome by Windscape Landscaping.
Hi Bruce, I need 2-  4' x 8' trellises same color as the last ones- think they were antiqued bronze. Delivered to the same address- please send an invoice and will call with a credit card. Attached a picture of the job I used the last ones on as well. Thanks for your help, Robert
From Dan McAndrew, Philadelphia, PA
Thank you very much Bruce. My driveway marker ordered several years ago as well as my plant holder look like new- you live up to your promise of your work being exceptionally durable - not to mention timelessly attractive! Looking forward to my new piece. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Carolyn Agoglia
Bruce ~ Here they are.....I do have a before picture, if that is of  interest. LMK Love them! Debbi & Mark Los Gatos, CA 3' x 5' statuary bronze trellis and 1x5 over window.
No worries! Always happy to save money. Btw I'm pretty  sure I already have 3 trellises from you guys that my landscaper installed. They are fantastic. I'll share photos when I get these new ones in as well. Especially love the mounting brackets and being able to easily remove the trellis for wall maintenance! Ladd Bosworth Denver, CO
Bruce, I cannot begin to thank you enough  for the beautiful workmanship and how you went out of your way to help me with my trellis!  They are beautiful and I receive so many compliments on them.  As you will see, I have quite an orchid collection and they are loving their new home…Thanks again, Dale
Custom Orchid Holder Palm Beach FL
Just hung my trellises (trelli?) today. The variable location brackets worked great for my application. The quality is great!  I will be ordering more soon. Enjoy the pics! Bob
4x8 trellises and bracket information
Bruce, The rained finally stopped this afternoon and I got a chance to hang the trellises.  They look great and were easy to install.  Thanks! Joe New orleans, LA
Hi, Bruce, Received the window box yesterday and put it up today. It is GORGEOUS!!! It is more substantial  than expected and I would like to order a liner after all. I will play with the samples and let you know next week on the color. My neighbor loves it and asked where I purchased it. I told her about the samples and we both thought of the silver but I need time to decide. I will contact you next week about ordering etc. Have a get Holiday weekend! Thanks, Donna
So happy with my trellises!  Thanks again!  Cheryl Lake Oswego OR
3' Wide x 7' Tall Aluminum Grid Trellises
Hi Bruce, We love the trellis! Thanks so much for the rush order, just in time for the landscaper's to complete the job. We have climbing vines planted behind the boxwoods, hopefully by the end of summer they will be climbing on the trellis. The trellis was the perfect touch to bring our 70's concrete house into the present! No more ugly atrium!! Paula O'Brien Rockford, MI
4' x 9' Aluminum Grid Trellis for their 70's style home
Hi Bruce, Finally, we finished with our project and we are totally happy with how it turned out!  Some day the outer panels will be partial covered -  the one in the middle will always stand out as beautiful as it is. Thanks again for these state of the art trellises - it has been a pleasure to working with you. Best regards Bianka Estero, FL PS: Thank you for the second set of brackets!
Hey Bruce, Your entrance mat  proudly "front and  enter"! Peggy
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Happy New Year Bruce! I purchased a trellis from you, for a client 2-3 years ago, and it still looks great!! I need you to quote a custom size for another job we’re currently working on. 3’ wide 8’ high with 6” or 8” wall mounts. It will be attached to the stucco wall of a home. dark brown finish. Either Statuary Bronze of Rust Fine Texture. The house has copper downspouts which have a lovely dark brown patina. I need the finish as smooth as possible. I know the standard 8” grid will not work, due to the size, since this trellis will have a climbing rose growing on it, I think we should go to 12” grid allowing for lots of air movement. Is that possible? Thanks for your time. I look forward to working with you again. CJ C.J. Crockett Owner House to Home P.O. Box 3602 Long Beach, CA 90803 562-619-0825
Bruce Dyak in Pinola, NC on Houzz
Bruce: Your 3 trellis’s (inv 22505) arrived too late to use last season (my fault for ordering too late), and I simply stored them all wrapped up just as they came.   While is it not yet planting time here in New York, I do need to start assembling the trellises to the planters…so today I unwrapped them and brought the trellises up stairs.   They are simply beautifully made!  I want to thank for the excellent craftsmanship, in addition to your fine customer service.  If you ever need a recommendation, please don’t hesitate to use my name or contact info. Jeremy Lang New York City
Hi Bruce! We love our trellises - so much that we would like to order 2 more! Same style, size and color - same shipping address! Please send me the link and I will send payment! Thanks! Susan    Atascadero CA
Good morning Bruce, I have not sent you an updated pic because we have not planted the trellis yet.  We were waiting for the last frost to past and good thing since we had one this morning! We are so pleased with our trellis and would like to see if you also do fireplace screens.  This would be for our courtyard fireplace so it would be exposed to the elements.  The opening is 48” wide by 35” tall. Please advise and we will send a design. Many thanks, Nancy  Fort Worth TX
Hi Bruce, Hope you're doing well. It's been a while but we were so pleased with  your work we are looking to order more window boxes. Hopefully my order from before is still in your system with the measurements because I need 2 more of the smaller sized window boxes. It was the Bellflower black matte w the copper verde patina liner. Look forward to hearing from you! Tiffany Correa Castro from Idaho PS Don't they look good? :)
We are very happy with our window box. Thank you! Marissa
Hey Bruce, Just a quick note to tell you how much I LOVE my new window boxes!  Thank you, thank you!! Sincerely, Leah